You are at the Travellers Zoo

Every Living Being is a ‘Traveler’

Posted in Uncategorized by Sharon Pinto on March 13, 2010

Let there be no boundaries


People and animals can’t do without movement. Plants: Considered living, also sway with the help of a gale. For what can be done by staying still?… Physical rigidity can leave many things unaccomplished. This is a broad fact; but holds true in various scenarios.
Another fact is the more you walk, the more you work… the more your eyes and minds travel, the more you learn! 

You are a traveler no matter where you are. Even if you don’t cross the boundaries of your home, you still travel. 

That’s why the Travellers Zoo was made. It was made for the ‘flamboyant you’. wishes you the best. We hope you enjoy every second of your vivacious life!Image credit:


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