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What came 1st..Easter or the EGG?

Posted in Easter, India, Uncategorized by Sharon Pinto on March 17, 2010

I just happend to take a sneak peek at the origin of Easter eggs.. Where did they come from from? Who in the world started this?

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    Well, according to my sources an egg is a symbol of life and friendship not only in Christianity but in many cultures… Not just eggs made of chocolate and marzipan, but the actual salted kind. the Easter Egg tradition began in spring. Some say that was the time when Christ rose from the dead. Some also say that Mary Magdalene went to the court of the Roman Empire with an egg, which symbolized to her that Christ was risen. The Emperor didn’t believe her. He laughed and said- someone rising from the dead  was as likely as the egg in her hand turning red.   Of course, that is exactly what happened:  the egg turned red and she continued to proclaim the good news to the imperial household.     Nobody knows the real origination of this ancient festival of passing on eggs as goodwill. But this tradition is alive till today. It’s either the strength of the tradition that has kept it alive, or the toothy taste of the so called ‘Easter Egg’… 

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