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India: A World of Experiences

Posted in India, Uncategorized by Sharon Pinto on March 26, 2010

The entire globe is aware of the uniqueness of India that is part of the Asian continent. Though it has not succeeded at becoming a developed nation till date, it has found its way to the top as one of the BRICK countries.

Though poverty prominently exists in this country it is still rich in culture and heritage. It can survive for itself as it produces a myriad variety of crops on its fertile land. Everyone has realized what India is, but the sad part still remains-  The people of India still haven’t realized what a hero it has been and how it can can benefit us ‘Indians’ in the future.

Geographically- India is beautiful. It allows you to witness all kinds of landforms and climatic conditions.

East west, north, south and central Indioa provides the traveller with special divided experiences. Although India as a country is too small to hold the different unique aspects of the entire world, it still does… You can experience the deserts of Arabia in Rajasthan, a mini Canada in Kashmir, a Hawaii on Goa, the Amazone in the south-east, an Africa in north-east India or of course, even a lively New York > Mumbaikar style!

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