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Heritage Village: Where Culture Comes Alive!

Posted in Air Travel, Dubai, Uncategorized by Sharon Pinto on April 12, 2010

The best way to get a glimpse and feel of Arabic culture is through the Heritage Village located near the mouth of the Dubai Creek. Heritage Village can be viewed while on a boat tour in Dubai too. Amidst the big shiny skyscrapers here, this village is the only place where you will actually be able to picture how Dubai looked 100 years ago.

The occupations that were in vogue among the Arabs many years ago, come alive at the Heritage Village. They come alive in the form of life-sized people made of clay engaging in their trade. As a tourist, you will just need to take an hour or two of your evening to enjoy this site. The Heritage Village is small; which is the best characteristic of it. This guarantees that you would have enough energy to visit other places.

As Arabic culture is very simple to grasp at the Heritage Village, the DSF has also included this location in the Kid’s Calendar for DSF year 2010. This village displays traditional handicrafts, restored houses, Bedouin snacks, birds of prey displays, camel rides, horse demonstrations, cultural dances and generally depicts a festive atmosphere. Thus it is one of the most enjoyable venues in the city.

The Heritage Village is open from Saturdays to Thursdays from 8am-10pm and on Fridays from 8am-11pm and 4pm-10pm. You can make a booking yourself or let a tour company make it for you. As far as reaching Dubai is concerned you can make an airline travel booking instantly with our online travel booking system.


The DSF is over..why should you go to Dubai?

Posted in Dubai, travel photos, Uncategorized by Sharon Pinto on March 15, 2010

The most spectacular buildings have been constructed in Dubai right now. This very city was barren in the 1980’s, but look at it now…its full of life and its better than an oasis. The heat out there would be nothing like you have ever experienced before..But there’s nothing to worry about. You will be kept in an ice-box where ever you go. Example: Step out of your AC room, get into your AC car, enter an AC hotel, etc. (our travel agents make such hotel bookings too you know…yeah its not a big deal)

But if comfort is not what you are looking for and if you’d like to live like a real thirsty traveller in Dubai, get on a quad bike and ride on! I even advice you to check out Dubai city illuminated in the night.. (dont pick your glares and forget your camera’s please) is ready when you are… Make an online travel booking with us whenevr you feel like it..we promise to give you the most inexpensive rates.

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Malshej Ghats: Strolling through the Clouds

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Malshej Ghats is part of the Western Ghats. It falls in the district of Pune, Maharashtra, India. You will need to book a bus/train/car from Mumbai to Kalyan to reach this place. The rainy season (particularly the month of August) is the best time to be here when the lakes and rivers are full and when the place is lucid green. Make an online travel booking through

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